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New App - Charity Miles


Today on Facebook, thanks to Kelly Pane, I learned about an awesome app called Charity Miles. Technology blows my mind on a daily basis and this app was no different. Charity Miles is a free app that allows you to raise money for the charity of your choice just by walking, running, or biking. Somehow (again, technology=mind blown), the app tracks your distance and you raise 10 cents/mile on a bike or 25 cents/mile on your feet. I used the app today on my run and it is super easy to navigate. Just choose a charity of your choice and click start. When you are finished with your workout click end. That’s it.

Free app + health benefits for you + money raised for charity. Is this not amazing???

Here’s a quick description of the charities you can choose:

1. Partnership for a Healthier America - Michelle Obama fighting childhood obesity

2. (RED) - AIDS in Africa

3. Stand up to Cancer - Cancer research

4. Feeding America - Hunger-relief

5. everymothercounts - Preventing death from pregnancy + child birth 

6. Autism Speaks - Research + awareness + needs related to autism

7. The Michael J. Fox Foundation - Parkinson’s research

8. World Food Programme - Hunger-relief worldwide

9. Wounded Warrior Project - Honor, empower, + help injured servicemen and women

10. - Support clubs started by young people trying to help others

11. ASPCA - Animal rescue

12. Habitat for Humanity - Build homes for families in need

13. Ironman Foundation - Athletic, community, education, health

14. The Nature Conservancy - Conservation of land and water

15. Pencils of Promise - Education for all (you know I like this one)

16. Achilles International - Support for athletes with disabilities 


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